Thursday, 20 February 2014


Cancer Star Sign


(June 22~ July 23)


Be organised on special Monday! Put some larkspur in a vase, because you heart will tell you what will happen today. Or else put some armour on to defend from the heart attack that is heading your way!


By Emily


     Beware your  stars have aligned.
               Try to not get energized or your
               Legs will keep on moving until
               They fall off. So avoid getting
               Energized and to be sure tie your
               Laces together.

Taurus Star sign

Be aware today at 6:40pm you will see green and yellow colours, on Friday. I advise you to have 4 violet , flowers and wear poppy pyjamas. or have a bull as your pet for 64 hours.

By Olivia Cadenhead



Next week on this same day

your stars will be sucked into a black hole

leaving you with no thumbs or big toes.

If you do not wish this to happen

sleep in a potato sack with your toes facing

where the Scorpio stars should have been.



Sorpio Horoscope 21/02/14

Beware your stars have merged with the darkness behind them. You should lie in bed all day, or face the harm and amnesia heding your way.

Written,published and edited by Cameron.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

star sign

This is your day the stars have aligned.Later today you are going to make a break through and be a billionaire.Whatever you do turn up to work,also be aware as you will get chased by women I recommend you get in a car straight away.

Gemini star sign

Be aware Jupiter will get aligned with Mercury on Tuesday. To avoid losing your shoes, wear odd socks and yellow clothes, because Wednesday might not be as good as you planned.

by Alisha

If your star sign is Scorpio...


Be wary of those around you today. Do not let the arrows of betrayal and harsh feelings penetrate your shell. Disaster may await, you may have to veer to the side of your typical routine. Wear two socks on one foot, if it makes you feel better.

Written, edited and published to this website by Daniel

Aquarius horoscope

Today is your day. Your element will flare, the sun will arise, you will float in the air. Your planets have changed so beware where you step, not everyone's safe so make sure you take care. Because  bullets can harm so make sure your aware when they pierce through  the air like unkind words of displeasure.

by Joel Nicholls