Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Grumpy Weather

Grumpy clouds,
 mad as monster with a knife in his hands
  across  Cutts Road.

A thundring roar in the sky
 like a hammer hitting the ground
along Woodbury Street. 

The arrows of rain
scary like a spider smiling
along North Street.

The violent hurricane
strong as an ox
on Kedelston Drive.

The hammering cold rain
as tough as a bear
on Waterloo Road.

By Hajar  Algarni.
By Deborah

Parvana is a girl in the age of (11 years old). She has her older sister Noria (14 years old, Marayam her younger sister (6 years old) and her brother (2 years) her mum. She had a dad who she lost because of the soldiers who are part of the Taliban who took over Afghanistan. They made girls not allowed to go to school, to cover up from head to feet and they are not allowed to go out without a man.

By Hajar Algarni.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Elephant Adventure

Book Blurb by Archie Roberts

This book is about two boys called Hal and Roger and some safari men. They are in South Africa and they want to catch an elephant without killing it. The first attempt was a fail since Hal and Roger had no idea how to catch an elephant. They got blocked by the elephant and they could not go either way, only up because there were vines so they climbed.

Find out what happened by reading Elephant Adventure.( Thanks for reading J)

the hobbit by jacko


the hobbit
Book Blurb   by Jacko

The Hobbit is the best book I have ever read and I have read a lot of books in my years, but the hobbit is the best book by far. Here are some names of the characters in the hobbit; Bilbo, Gandalf, Thoren and the twelve dwarves and Gollum and Smaug the dragon.

 Bilbo goes on an adventure to find a nasty old thing whose name was Gollum. He was so mean to all the hobbit’s. Bilbo and Gollum play a game. That is all. I am not going to tell anything more about The Hobbit.

Read the book to find out about the adventure.

Book Blurb

                                               Northen  Lights

Lyra is a girl who has lived in Jordan all of her life. The  Master has told Lyra that she and her daemon have to go to get tutoring. Lyra might go to the North and see dust for the first time.

Will she see dust or even go up North? Read this awesome book to find out.

By Ashley C

Warrior Poem by Josh

1. Brutal tornado, wild as a mad elephant, whirling down Fifth Avenue.

2. Fierce hail, brutal as a sharpened battle-axe, marching through Hyde Park.

3. Scorching lightning, deadly as a whip, striking Kazakhstan.

By Josh. P

jonty's warrior poem

1.The snow bombs hit the ground hard as they fell off the trees onto Yaldhurst Road.

2.The great sword tornados the ground cutting through Russley Road like a meat clever cutting through a huge tree.

3.Daggers thunder down with brute force onto Cutts Road.

4.The shurikans hail downh fierce strenth onto Riccarton Road.

By Jonty

Book Promotion

Michael Morporgo

Alone on a wide wide sea


When a six year old boy Auther hobbhouse

Is taken away from his sister kitty before World War 2

To an orphanage in our back Australia called coopers station, which is where he meets his new best friend Marty.

The runner of this slavery hell as Marty calls is is Mr piggy bacon also known as “Piggy bacon” and his wife Mrs Bacon. All day at cooper’s station is just work, work, and work in the blistering heat of the boiling sun all day and when we finish our jobs there is always more. Auther and all the other kids at this orphanage are not the only slaves here in coopers station there is also a horse big black jack, piggy bacon works big black jack even more than he works us always pulling that heavy ploughing machine. After a while Marty and Auther just can’t handle it anymore and decide to run away with big black jack. Where will they go and will they find kitty Authers long lost sister?  
By Gypsy  
Feather Boy
by Nicky Singer
Robert Nobel is an ordinary boy, bullied and battered after and during every day of school, so everyone is surprised when he is personally chosen by an elder for an elder's project. What nobody realizes is that the elder, named Edith Sorrel, chose him for reasons that will change the life of both Robert and herself forever. Robert has been told to make a coat of feathers, but what secrets are Edith hiding?
Feather Boy is an exquisitely written book with exciting features and a written effect that keeps the pages turning. I highly recommend this book, and rate it 9 out of 10.

Book Review by Daniel hi 

David Hill

My Brothers War


I recommend this book for ages 9 and over because it might be interesting for some younger people, but some of the language features are very complex. It is about two brothers one agrees with the war the other strongly disagrees. They stand for what they believe in even if it drives them is a thrilling action story that describes the war extremely well. I really enjoyed this book and think it is written by an amazing author.

By Sophie

Thursday, 11 April 2013

One day there was a pirate sailing the seven seas. "Ahoy" he said loudly to his crew.On this voyage I do not want any noisy boisterous play.I expect loyalty and poise.So not to disappoint do not loiter in the toilet. Later tonight Joyce will do a poi dance.


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Weather  Warrior Poem by Cameron Connor

The desolation of the waterspout cannon left everything on and around Cutts Road in ruins.
The persistent warrior jerked as the lightning bazooka fired at Avonhead Mall.
A warrior speared the sonic mine and caused major tsunamis.
Persistent fog rain, dangerous as bubbling volcanoes over South Ohio.
Violent tornadoes ripped up the city of Auckland as an angry child would do to a picture.
The cannonballs of hail were hurled down from the place where warriors fought horrific battles.

Bartimeaus by Jonathon Stroud book review by Joshua O'Halloran

A magicians apprentice just learnt how to use the summon spell and summons Bartimaeus to do his bidding.
On his first quest Bartimeaus has to find the amulet of Samarkand while learning to use his dark magic before his dimension ends.In the next book he tries to find the staff of the golems eye but he has been caught by a child and has to bring him along in order to keep himself a secret.In the next book he finds a key to a Ptomleys gate and go's on a quest to find it but he is beeing hunted by mutant animals. The series is about a demon lord who has to collect treasures for his master so he can become evil and take over the earth and save Bartimeaus's dimension.I recommend this book for fantasy lovers and this book is very detailed and i loved it 10 out of 10 for me and i hope you find this book interesting.

Book Promotion By Cheyenne

                                            Running Hot

                                                                       By David Hill

This is a story about a boy called Robbie who was out camping with his friend called Katherine.While they were  toasting their marshmallows a gust of wind blew some burning ashes  onto the dry grass, then the dry grass started to flame and the fire started to spread rapidly. The tall flames surrounded them so they were trapped.Will they ever get out of this tunnel of flames?


                                                                   By Cheyenne

stormy warrior by Joshua O'Halloran


                                                 Explosions of mist were as scary
                                                                as ghosts
                                              in a graveyard located in Christchurch.

                                            The lightning tomohawk were as emotionless
                                                                    as a toy
                                                   in an abandoned toy shop in auckland.

                                               The blizzards hidden blades were as fast
                                                      as greyhounds hunting for ducks
                                                                 in Cutts road.

                                                    The hail rope darts were as brave
                                                                  as a nest of bees
                                                          attacking a nest of wasps
                                                               in pinehurst cresent.

                                                     The flooding swords were as tall as
                                                                       as fifty giraffes
                                                             joining together in Hornby.

Weather Warrior

Arrows of roaring thunder as powerful as 15 elephants along Woodbury Street.

A wind of blow darts as brave as a snow lepoard roared down Dinton Street.

Swords of messy clouds as scary as a streak of tigers charged down Cutts Road.

Spears of an angry tornado as serious as Mrs Harrison strutting down Fovant Street.
Dog Lost
By Ingrid Lee

Cash (a dog) finds a home, loses a home and makes friends with a cat, a girl and a restaurant rubbish bin. But her real friend is Mackenzie, a boy who's father refuses to have a pit bull in the house. When Cash becomes a wonder dog (afew days before the council puts out a ban on pit bulls), it change3s the thoughts of some townfolk, but only make Mackenzie more determined to find Cash, who he knows is the only dog possible to be the wonder dog.

Will Mackenzie find Cash before the ban takes place....?

Robson's Weather Warrior poem

Bows and arrows of lighting as light as a tiger's eye on Tuam Street,

Spears of cold wind as cold as ice on Russley Road,

Bombs of hail as heavy as stones on Glenharrow Ave,

Bullets of snow hitting the ground at full speed on Pinehurst Cresent.
Weather Warrior poems
A violent double bladed axe of lightning trampled like a fierce elephant through Invercargill.
The tornado bazooka was as manic as a bloodthristy dog rummaging through Pinehurst Cresent.
The blizzard daggers  were as brutal as a hungry lion  rampaging through the Main South Road.
The thunder flapped like a demon as monsterous as a  flame-thrower down Cutts Road.
The barbaric hail strongly stomped like a masculine herd of angry bulls charging through Christchurch.

Weather Warrior poems

The powerful tornado of fire went down Russley Road.
The wind whipped the ground grumpily on Bently Street.
The snow bullets boldly paraded on Penwood Street.
By Rachael

Weather warrior poems

Arrows of maniac tornadoes as strong
as 20 elephants on Bealey Ave.
Bombs of bright white lightning as scary
as 100 heavy rabbits on Fovant Street.
Knives of roaring thunder as heavy as
the moon on Dinton Street.
Axes of marching rain as massive
as a giant on Blenhiem Road.
The powerful roaring thunder whips
through Dinton Street.
By Taylor Roberts

Book Promotion  The Invention of Hugo Cabret

I would recommend this book for 9 year olds and over because it may be interesting to younger people, but the language features might be a bit complex. This book is very good and descriptive and it really sets the scene with the amazing words and pictures. Brain Selznick is a great author and I would recommend his books to people who like a bit of mystery, a bit of drama and a bit of humour.

This story is about an orphan boy whose name is Hugo. He lives in a train station in France, fixing clocks; he ended up there because his father died in a tremendous raging fire and (there is no story about what happened to the mother) so his alcoholic Uncle took him in and told him how to work the clocks that were in the train station - Hugo soon became his apprentice. Hugo’s Uncle always came home late, and one night he didn’t come home at all. So for two years Hugo has been running the clocks and fixing something his father left for him called an automaton.
Further on Hugo finds a curious  friend, Isabelle. Isabelle’s godfather Papa George is a man who owns a toy booth in the train station and hates people who click their loud heels past his booth, occasionally Hugo steals parts and tools from him to fix the invention his father found and gave him. Hugo and Isabelle go through a big mystery then finds out a big secret papa George has kept  for years and uncovers how his father’s invention has something to do with papa George’s big past secret.

 I would rate this book 9/10 just because it didn’t have a really good hook at the start, but when I got past the first couple of paragraphs it was very interesting. Other books that Brian Selznick has written are Wonder Struck, The Houdini box and many more.

This Blurb was written by Yasmine Maarouf. 

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Book Promotion--Dear Olly By Michael Morpurgo

I recommend you to read this book because...
Matt has finished high school and his parents want him to be a vet, because they are vets. Their dad died from a car crash. Matt leaves his family to Africa where the sick and poor are. Matt writes letters to Olly and his Mum. Olly looks after the baby swallow and then it becomes
           Read this book to see what happens next...
I recommend to 10 and over to read this book. I give it a 8/10.

By Taylor Roberts
Warrior Weather Poems

An arrow of lightning,
Fierce, as a tigers glare,
On Kedlestion Drive.

The wind whipped my face,
As energetic as a sugar-hyped child,
On Dinton Street.

Bombs of hail,
Tough like a croc,
All down Waterloo Road.

Hammering thunder,
Strong as a girrafe's kick,
In Russley.

The snow speared the ground,
As brutal as a bull sharks attack,
On Fovant Street.
Book Promotion by Lauren
The Christmas Doll by Elvira Woodruff

A long time ago in London, two orphaned sisters Lucy (age 10) and Glory (aged 6) have little to eat and the nights are cold and damp. To keep her little sister happy, Lucy creates stories about a family she barely remembers, and a doll they owned called Morning Glory.
To keep Glory happy Lucy says, she is sure they will find Morning Glory one day.
When a fever is in town and all the people in the orphanage are dying, Lucy and Glory run away.
The story follows the girls and how they survive on the streets of London.
I give this book a 10/10 it is really good and it is in the school library.
By Lauren

Writing Workshop

9th of April 2013

W.A.L.T use direct speech in our writing.
A warrior charged silently and savagely through the forest, followed by his five well trained troops.
"If we want to carry out our mission we must move quickly," he quietly informed his troops.
"we're on it sir!" they replied in unison.

By Henrique, Josh, Tamara, Sophie, Archie and Mrs. Stretch.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Image1 is a cool place to visit to learn more about the Harry Potter series.
Here's a great opportunity to get your parents involved in your spelling homework. Here is the challenge. Choose ten of your words and write the most interesting paragraph you can, including all ten of the words. Remember we have been learning how to use similes, alliteration and personification. Try to include some of these language features into your paragraph. Remember capital letters for proper nouns and at the beginning of sentences. Remember to punctuate carefully too. See if your parents can write an awesome paragraph as well.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Writing Workshop

W.A.L.T use direct speech in our writing here is an example.

It was a cold Friday morning and Archie was sleeping heavily.
"Wake up you good-for-nothing lazy boy!" yelled Sophie.
Archie replied sleepily ,"I need my beauty sleep."
"Clearly you do Archie," she moaned.

by Henri, Archie, Jacko, Sophie, Tamara and Mrs Stretch


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Book Promotion Inheritance

Inheritance is a great book about medieval times, although there is also magic and dragons so it is a great fiction for younger audiences. I would recommend it for ages 10 to 14 although it may also appeal to younger readers. But, at that age I read it and understood most of it. There are lots of made up creatures, although some of the more common like dwarves and elves, although there was one I had never heard of until I read this book HUMANS. It is not all just talking and walking across the land of Alagaesia featuring the elves in Du Weldvarden the forest that always grows. The dwarves living in the Beor mountains, to climb high enough to see the peaks, would have to journey for miles and miles straight up and the empire ruled by Galbatorix as the Varden freedom fighters journey with Eragon a dragon rider to try and topple the evil king Galbatorix, but many challenges await him.
written by Christopher Paolini although the last in the Eragon cycle it is still the best

I rate this book 8 out 10

by Henry Chandler

Book Promotion Red Centre

The five members of Alpha Force are testing a celebrity game show in the jungle, when they come across one of the worlds most dangerous terrorists, who has escaped from prison. Suddenly they are thrust into a deadly adventure, as they battle to save his hostages, and catch the desperate criminal, who will do anything to stay free.

Red Centre is written by Chris Ryan, a former SAS agent. It is one of a series of five books, all about the same five 15 year old kids, Amber, Li, Paulo, Hex, and Alex. Not only is the book an interesting fiction book, it has a lot of valuable information about real life things. What I like about these books is that while you have the main problem, there is usually another one two go along with it, like someone, might go down with a life threatening illness, or get bitten by a snake, and that is always interesting.
I would recommend this book to people ages 11-14
I rate this book 7 out of 10
By Joshua Paul


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Book Promotion The Hobbit

Whisked away from his comfortable and safe hobit hole by the great wizard Gandalf and a pack of angry dwarves, Bilbo Bagins finds himself caught up in a plot to raid the treasure  hoard of Smaug the magnificent,the large and the dangerous DRAGON.

The  Hobit is a book written by J.R.R Tolkien. This book is set long before the Lord of the Rings time.
In this book the author tells a story about a dwarven village rich in gold and jewels(mostly gold) that gets attacked by a dragon. There is a massive number of casualties and the dwarves are forced to find a new home.The king from that villages great grand-son Thorin, Gandalf, Bilbo and a pack of Braves go out on a quest to take back their long forgotten gold and slay the dragon Smaug.

Over all The Hobit is a very entertaining book and I recommend this book for the age group of  12-30
and a rating of 7/10

rating: *******

Book review by Henrique Boroviec